Translations and proofreading

We sometimes read a slogan in an ad, a short article or a press release and we might think that something is off (but don’t know exactly what). Sound familiar?

In times where we communicate not only between countries but also between worlds, it is all the more important to be clear, concise and, of course, culturally appropriate during communicating. Since this isn’t always so easy, we need the help of experts, and in this case, professional translators and copywriters. When you run out of words, I am happy to support and help you with professional German translations and content, so your target group is able to understand you perfectly. But also, when your text is already written but you need it proofreading, I will gladly check style, spelling, and grammar by proofreading your text.

USPs for translations

  • ✓ Professional
  • ✓ References and experience
  • ✓ Quick and reliable
  • ✓ Attentive and tailored to your needs
  • ➔ More

Localization of websites, blogs and apps


This kind of translation only refers to web- and online-based content, for instance on your website, on your company’s website or in a mobile application. To make orientation on your website easier for potential clients or your readers, it is essential to correctly translate menu selection points, buttons or certain information that correspond to the conventions in a specific country. That entails for example the currency or how you would address your readership, which together creates an authentic reading and browsing experience. That’s why this kind of translation is called localization, since it’s the adaptation to the local market.

  • Languages: English, Czech
  • Target language: German
  • Fields of expertise: services, tourism, blogs, lifestyle, education, culture, cosmetics, web-shops, sustainability and app localization



Specific translations

Texts can vary depending on their author and their target group and can, quite literally, open doors if they’re translated well. But on the other hand, an unprofessional or even wrong translation can cause a text to not have an effect on its readership at all.
A press release or an academic publication have entirely different functions than medical training material and that’s why these texts have to be translated differently, including the different appropriate styles. In this context, terminology is key, but also the style which is being used in the text plays a major role. To really find the right words, given these specific requirements for a text and to convey your message in a concise and appropriate way, it is best to work with a professional translator.

  • Languages: English, Czech
  • Target language: German
  • Fields of expertise: services, health, marketing, PR, cosmetics, tourism, blogs, lifestyle, education, culture, science, finance, IT, manuals, and training material



Literary translations

A literary translation is mostly not about a strict and consistent terminology or about addressing a certain target group – and that’s probably the biggest difference as opposed to the translation of apps, manuals or press releases. It is more about the ability of a literary translation to convey a story, a mood, a certain style as well as humorous aspects into another language. It doesn’t matter whether you are a self-publisher and would like to expand to the German-speaking market, or if you wish to have your essay or an article translated into German – I am happy to assist you with all kinds of projects.

  • Languages: English, Czech
  • Target language: German
  • Fields of expertise: novel translations, essays, articles, poetry, nonfiction




Sometimes it's too much hassle to have a translation done, adapt cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies, and while doing so, maintain the tone of your brand. In this case, you turn to copywriting, where content is created directly in a language. You save a step in the process and usually have just one contact person writing content for different channels.

  • Language: German
  • Fields of expertise: Services, health, marketing, PR, cosmetics, tourism, blogs, lifestyle, education, culture, science, sports



Proofreading and editing

This service is relevant for clients who already have a finished German text but need it to be checked regarding spelling, consistency and style. Sometimes, this kind of service is also called editing, mostly proofreading.
If you would like your German text to be improved by proofreading, you should ask yourself beforehand if there is a specific style you prefer, for example matter-of-fact and academic or rather catchy and appropriate for marketing purposes – what is your text’s purpose? If it is regarding a proofreading of a translation into German, it is useful to send in the original text as well in order to use it as a reference.

  • Languages: editing/proofreading for English or Czech translations into German
  • Fields of expertise: services, tourism, blogs, lifestyle, cosmetics, education, culture, science, linguistic, crafting, IT, finance, logistics, gastronomy



USPs for translations and copywriting

Thanks to my bilingual, academic training in Germany as well as abroad (France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden), experience in living abroad as well as my current training for becoming a professional sworn translator for the combination English-German, I have been working and living with foreign languages for more than fifteen years. Additionally, I am a member of the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e. V. (German Association of Interpreters and Translators).

References and experience:
Since 2016, I have been working with over 20 clients from different industries. For every client, I had to adapt the tone of my texts and translations to the brand, company and culture.

Quick and reliable:
Through regular feedback, part-deliveries, and constant exchange and updates on where we are in the project, I can ensure that you will receive your text on time and to the required specification.

Detail-oriented and tailored to your needs:
I do not work with machine translations and guarantee to personally translate your text. If research is necessary and further questions appear, I consider it my job to work them into the text and get back to you to provide a perfect text.