German language courses


Speaking a foreign language can open doors — but what is the best way to learn a new language?

In most of the cases, it is best to take a class in order to learn structures, pronunciation, and new words in a professional and systematic way. A class should therefore be as individual as possible, tailored to the specific and personal needs of the learner — that’s you!

If you are looking for a personal language class and tutor with whom you can learn German without stress and performance pressure, then you have come to the right place. Classes are tailor-made for you. They can be conducted one-to-one, or you can learn alongside you spouse or partner, if you prefer. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re a seasoned speaker who just needs to brush up on the minutiae of German grammar, I am happy to support and assist you with your learning projects.

Feel free to take a closer look at the classes I offer, so we can start developing your personally-tailored German class together.

USPs for language classes

  • ✓ Personal and need-oriented
  • ✓ Personal
  • ✓ Practically oriented
  • ✓ Flexible
  • ✓ Professional
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Individual German class


In an individual class (or one-to-one class) you will be learning alone. You decide the pace as well as the topics you would like to tackle, and I will adjust the class to your preferences. It is also entirely up to you whether we focus on your conversational German skills or whether you would like to learn more about grammar and structure. This also applies to the material which we will chose together (perfectly matched to your level, preferences, and needs).



Group German class (up to 4 participants)


This learning model might be interesting for expat couples who would like to learn together. But also, smaller groups, perhaps colleagues, may benefit from learning German together. The learners should be aware of the fact that participants will sometimes need a bit of patience when taking a group class. The advantage, however, is that you create a camaraderie through the shared experience.



Intensive German class/“crash course” for one person


Do you only know the phrase “Ein Bier, bitte.“, but have to move to a German speaking country within the next three months? Then you might need an intensive class. German can be challenging, but it’s not impossible to learn. In an intensive German class, you will get familiar with simple structures and will learn basic phrases with which you can get by in the beginning. You will also train your understanding of German with easy listening exercises as well as pronunciation. The duration of the class can vary according to our agreement.



Specialized German classes (e.g. business German, German for graduates at university, grammar classes, writing in German etc.)

This class model aims to be helpful for everyone who already speaks German on a very good level would but maybe like to “polish” their skills here and there. This can be the case for managers who often need to give presentations, but, of course, in German. This class model can also be handy for learners who struggle with tricky grammar topics and would like to repeat or train them a little more. It is also useful if written communication is becoming increasingly important to your role.



Exam preparation (TELC, Goethe certificate) for every German level

This class has a very specific goal, namely an official German language certificate. In Germany, this is usually TELC (The European Language Certificate) or the Goethe Zertifikat (a certificate by Goethe Institut). In Austria, it‘s a certificate called ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom). These tests have a pretty standardized structure, comprising four parts: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Such a certificate is often needed in order to get a visa or for authorities to recognize a diploma or an education degree from your home country. Sometimes, a certain certified German level is required for attending a German university.



German class with a focus on culture (life in Germany, new in Germany, understanding the Germans)

Sometimes, you can speak a language pretty well – but still don’t understand a word people say. Sound familiar? People in other countries simply communicate differently. And understanding Germans can be quite tricky; just take the question of Sie and Du and when to use it! A German class with a focus on culture, mentality, and people can be helpful in order to better understand the German mentality — or at least to learn to cope with the differences with a generous helping of humor.



USPs for language classes:

Personal and need-oriented:
My tailored classes are conceived to cater to your individual needs. By giving and receiving regular feedback and by communicating transparently, we can ensure that this stays this way throughout the entire class. The content, as well as the focus, will be determined by your preferences. We follow only one learning schedule — yours!

You will be learning with me as your personal German trainer and not with an app. We will get to know each other and will have authentic conversations, exactly in the way you would communicate with other native speakers as well.

Practically oriented:
The focus is on the question of how relevant a topic, a structure or a term is for you: what do you really need? Where and how do you use the language in your day-to-day life (job, private life)? Textbooks, material, and learning goals will be adjusted to the usage in real life, always with the focus on communication.

Appointments for classes will be scheduled according to your capacity and online classes give you maximum flexibility — regardless of your country, city of residence, or time zone.

Professional :
Thanks to years of teaching experience with very different target groups, I am able to provide high-quality language classes. Additionally, I refined my teaching methods and grew my own knowledge by partaking in a training for teachers (teaching methods and pedagogy) by the Goethe Institut in Munich. I am also a licensed examiner and evaluator for TELC exams. With German being my native language, I am able to give you insights into authentic usage of the language.