Translations and Copywriting

Whether it's app localization, translating UX content, slogans or writing blog articles, I'm happy to help. Other areas such as creating a tone of voice or glossary are also part of my services.

German language courses

Want to improve your German language skills? Would you like to polish your German in a specific area or prepare for an exam? I will gladly support you in these and other learning projects. With individually tailored private or group lessons, you will reach your goal without stress and in a way that you enjoy learning.

Intercultural Training

Are you planning a work assignment in Sweden, Germany or the Czech Republic? Or do you work with companies from these countries? Through intercultural training you will easily find your way in the international working environment.


My husband and I are both English but we spent the last 4 years living in Munich. During this time Kristin Altmann became invaluable to us both. I was very keen to learn the German language but I have struggled a lot in the past because I do find it difficult to learn another language. Working with Kristin I needn’t have worried, she is the most patient, understanding and kindest person. If I didn’t understand something she would go over and over it until I did understand. On top of this if I got something wrong, she would never criticise or make me feel bad in any way at all, instead she would explain again or show me in a different way until we got there. I enjoyed our sessions, we would have very basic conversations in German and she would teach me little songs or easy ways of remembering things. We would play games in German which all helped with the learning process.

But on top of this Kristin would also translate important documents for my husband and I, and she would also accompany my husband to meetings when they were conducted in German as he didn’t understand the language. He would always come home singing praises for Kristin. She is not only professional but she is 100% reliable and never, ever let us down. Her attention to detail is particularly noteworthy, she is very thorough and will always ensure that you understand before moving on.

We would definitely recommend Kristin as a teacher or as a translator, in fact, now we have returned to the UK to live we still use Kristin as we still have some ongoing business with Germany. Kristin is not only an excellent teacher but she is also a lovely person, she will not let you down.


Kristin is a fantastic teacher. She never fails to keep the momentum and excitement up by tailoring every lesson to ensure I am interested in the subject matter. She also has endless patience, even after explaining something using alternative methods, for the 10th time. Fantastic diplomacy and technical linguistic comprehension. I would recommend her to anyone.

Alicia International Business Director
Fratello Magazine
FOCUS Sprachen
PET Sprachen

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